Your laser estimator’s toolbox comes preloaded with:

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Drawing Doctor®

Fix problematic drawings and split multi-part drawings.
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Quick Part

Use our parametric parts library to create and define parts.
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3D Model Sheet Metal Extractor

Extract sheet metal parts from a 3D model for calculation and export.
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Calculate time to cut and parts per sheet.

Export into spreadsheets and integrate with ERP, MRP and other systems utilizing the API. Contact us for more information.

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NEW: 3D Model Sheet Metal Extractor

Drawing Doctor®

  • Import, view and interact with my customer’s 2D CAD files
  • Fix most problematic drawings without requiring a CAD system
  • Split multi-part drawings and remove unnecessary entities such as title blocks
  • Import data into an associated manufacturing or accounting system
  • Export cleaned drawings as DXF/DWG

Quick Part

  • Create a part from the parametric parts library
  • Select from a wide range of parts including brackets, flanges, gussets and plates
  • Define parts by customizing dimensions, diameters and the relative shape of the geometry
  • Export drawings as DXF/DWG

3D Model Sheet Metal Extractor

  • View and explode 3D model files within the ToolBox 3D viewer
  • Detect material type, thickness and part quantity automatically
  • Extract all 2D sheet metal components into your ToolBox project for calculation


  • Determine the laser cutting time using a precise machine model
  • Obtain the parts per sheet using a true shape nest
  • Calculate process time and material consumption of your cleaned uploaded drawings and parts generated with Quick Part
  • Import data into your associated manufacturing or accounting quoting system
  • Access the beta program for the Excel spreadsheet add-on for one-click integration into your spreadsheets

Creating a quote

ToolBox is designed to plug into your existing quote creation process. Clean your CAD drawings in ToolBox, produce highly accurate time to cut and parts per sheet, and export this data into your existing MRP/ERP, accounting system or spreadsheet to calculate the laser time charge and the material charge for each part.

Don't have a quoting system yet? As part of your trial, you will have access to a downloadable Excel spreadsheet for turning ToolBox data into quotes for your customers. See it in action below!

Streamline your laser cutting quoting process

Tempus Tools offer job shops an easy to use digital tool kit to help you quickly calculate and prepare accurate and consistent quotes.

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