Goodbye Excel, Hello QuoteMate.

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Start my free trial Calculate cutting time & parts per sheet. Clean and split drawings

I want to:

  • Import, view and interact with my customer's 2D CAD files
  • Detect problematic drawings upon upload
  • Fix most problematic drawings without requiring a CAD system
  • Split multi-part drawings
  • Identify the cutting geometry in drawings that contains unnecessary entities such as a title block
  • Use a parametric parts library to define parts
  • Determine the laser cutting time using a precise machine model
  • Obtain the parts per sheet using a true shape nest
  • Import data into an associated manufacturing or accounting system
  • Export drawing data as DXF/DWG

I don't want to:

  • Spend a day fixing drawings
  • Open an external CAD program to clean up drawings
  • Guess how long a part will take to cut
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Quotes out the door in minutes.

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Start my free trial Price laser cutting, material and folding with a professional quoting service

I want features from QuoteMate plus I want to:

  • Process large volumes of individual parts within minutes
  • Advanced Drawing Doctor™ features
  • Calculate price for parts from a variety of materials and thicknesses in a single branded quote
  • Attach ad-hoc documents to my parts including the original drawings
  • Check my press brake and tooling capability in terms of tonnage at quote time
  • Store and manage my customers parts library
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Customer central management facility
  • Visibility of win/loss ratio for each customer
  • Import the following data into an associated manufacturing system
  • - Customer data
  • - Pricing data
  • - Material specification
  • - Quote and order data
  • - Drawing data DXF/DWG
  • Give my customers the option to be able to create their own quotes, using an online storefront from my website

I don't want to:

  • Use numerous programs to do my quoting
  • Process one part at a time
  • Interrupt the brake press operator when quoting
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Your one stop shop.

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Contact Us Run your entire job shop on QuotePro alongside your accounting system and CAM

I want features from QuoteEasy plus I want to:

  • Capture my customers' data so that I can understand their needs, behavior, and ensure value for both businesses
  • Automatically recognize customers and create quotes based on received emails, and store all original emails and documentation with each quote for easy quote creation and quality management
  • Quote with unlimited 2D profiling processes and secondary operations
  • Interpret 3D models
  • Perform advanced folding checks
  • Multi-nest parts
  • Quote with kits and perform price matching
  • Calculate freight
  • Access advanced material options
  • Upload via CSV
  • View all information on work orders, including secondary processes
  • Download work order packages and integrate to MRP systems
  • Streamline my business processes from order through to delivery and ensure delivery in full on time for all customers by understanding our capability and capacity
  • Give accurate delivery dates to customers with a feedback loop to my capacity planning at both quoting and order acceptance stages
  • Maximize the efficiency of my machines and shop floor resources, and the utilization of my material, by examining a complete overview of WIP with the same material properties or processes, including secondary operations
  • Access a suite of branded documentation
  • Despatch orders and provide courier information and tracking to my customers
  • Monitor a dashboard of real-time job statuses
  • Calculate volumetric weight, maximum carton load and pallet load efficiency
  • Make more informed financial and operational decisions with a full suite of reporting
  • Have custom-designed management reports developed for me for my specific requirements

I don't want to:

  • Be operating in a state of unknown
  • Let my good customers down with late deliveries
  • Have resource and labor planning issues
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Designed to assist you at every stage of your job shop's operations:

QuoteMate (orange) allows you to calculate cutting time & parts per sheet as well as clean and split drawings. This is the backbone of our suite of products and is available in all products.

QuoteEasy (green) gives you the tools for a Self-Service Portal, Quote Entry, Quote and Reporting but does not offer Order Entry, Order Planner, Parts Planner and Despatch tools - these are only available in QuotePro (dark blue).

Streamline your laser cutting quoting process

Tempus Tools offer job shops an easy to use digital tool kit to help you quickly calculate and prepare accurate and consistent quotes.

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